The long road has come to an end

Posted on 09/11/16 by Herb Metcalfe As the old saying goes, for sale a week is an eternity in politics. Just as every pundit out there had declared Hillary Clinton the victor, here her road to the White House got a little longer and a lot bumpier. And just has it has been the case in virtually every twist in this epic tale of an election, tadalafil the latest broadside came not from one of the candidates, but from an outside force.

With less than two weeks remaining in the campaign, the head of the FBI announced that it had uncovered more emails, reviving the Hillary Clinton private email server story that seemed to have lost steam in recent weeks.

This time it was not even her emails, it involved emails found on a shared computer used by Hillary’s top aide and her husband, a man being investigated for unsavoury behaviour unrelated to her campaign. Making matters worse for Ms. Clinton is that the FBI director provided very little information, allowing imaginations to run wild. Needless to say, Donald Trump jumped all over this, filling in the blanks with speculation.

It will be interesting to see how this will impact the results on November 8th. Polls released this weekend show the race tightening up – with the two separated by two percentage points or less. It’s incredible that a supposedly non-political director of the FBI would put out a statement with very little information other than how the FBI uncovered more emails. Did they not think that with nine days to the election this might have an impact on the results? But just like everything else in this election, it was totally unpredictable. Strap in and enjoy the wild ride to the finish.

Well the previously unthinkable happened with a surprise victory by Republican Donald Trump.

Contrary to pollsters and pundits (except for the L.A. Times and Michael Moore) who predicted a Hillary Clinton win, order we were shocked at the results. With the campaign over, diagnosis we’ll now have to watch and listen to these same individuals over the next few days as they try to explain what went wrong with the Democratic Party’s campaign and what they should have done. There will be plenty of blame to go around. I believe this is a complete waste of time. Sometimes the electorate want change and they didn’t see Hillary representing change, which was a message that Donald Trump kept driving home from day one. The same has happened in Canada in the elections of 1984, 1990, 2006 and 2015, although not to the same degree.

Starting today, we need to start asking questions on is how a Trump presidency will impact Canada and the world, given Trump’s rhetoric over the last 11 months. Some issues of note include the future of NAFTA; Softwood Lumber Negotiations; TPP; the Buy America program; environmental issues (the Paris Accord); Great Lakes Water Quality; border issues; and the impact on stock markets around the world.

The coming weeks will give us some indication as the transition process begins. In the meantime, the circus continues.

Written by Herb Metcalfe

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